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Saturday, January 8, 2011

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In what has turned out to not be an elaborate practical joke the NFL was playing on the rest of the world, The Seahawks are in fact in the playoffs and playing the New Orleans Saints today at 1:30 PST (4:30 EST).  Previously to today’s startling announcement, the rest of the world, including sports-news juggernaut ESPN, conservative news-media FOX, liberal news-media CNN, WikiLeaks, President Obama, Seahawks owner Paul Allen, and even the New Orleans Saints’ roster and coaching staff, had all thought the NFL was pulling everyone’s leg by claiming the 7-9 Seahawks had not only won their division, but are in the playoffs.  Thus it came as a shock to the rest of the world to find out that the offensively terrible and defensively absent Seahawks had in fact won their division and despite common sense or logical football analysis, are going to be playing today, which is in fact part of the postseason, against the defending champion New Orleans Saints, who are probably just as shocked as the rest of us that they are playing the Seahawks… in the playoffs… today… actually more in like 45 minutes.